States Guidance - Arkansas Biweekly Unemployment Claims

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Phone: 1-855-225-4440


Arkansas Arknet - Biweekly Unemployment Claims

ArkNet is a web-based continued claim system for Arkansas Unemployment Insurance weekly benefits so filling can be completed over the Internet.

Arknet is for current unemployed workers who have a valid Arkansas claim for Unemployment Insurance. To use ArkNet you must have access to a computer, a printer, and an Internet Connection.

To have the best possible user experience using Arknet have the following information ready:

  • Your Pin - If you don't have one you'll be asked to create a PIN the first time you login
  • Social Security Number
  • Your Gross Earnings, name and address of last employer, & the last day you worked.


Arkansas Arknet Resources:

  • Arknet Website
  • Arknet FAQs